How to Give an Outstanding Wedding Reception Toast

We love this advice shared by Legacy Events 119, a Florida and Georgia wedding DJ, lighting and photo booth company that always delivers! Check out the link (above) to learn how you can totally nail that wedding day toast you’ve been dreading. Follow this tutorial, written by Lindsay Higgins of Legacy Events 119, and you’ll be transformed from a jelly-kneed, shaky-voiced rambler into a charismatic and confident speaker, who will truly enjoy sharing sage words and wit to the delight of all listening. Who knows? You may even find yourself lobbying for toast-leading honors again and again.

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SWEET MEMORIES SHARED Brooke and Danny loved hearing her best friend’s stories of memorable times together. Her speech, punctuated by lots of laughter, also evoked sweet tears of joy to all who attended their lively C Bar Ranch wedding.
Photo by Amber Dorn Photography